Saturday, November 25, 2006

a sushi kind of day

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i had one of the more relaxing days since i started this job.

because one of the teachers was getting married today, even the new teachers got invited to go to the ceremony... so we went. after the lovely ceremony at a church in TST, a couple of us went out to a sushi place nearby. for people like me, it was an occasion to make an acquaitance with raw fish, and for certain others (whose names start with e, l, b and v) to satisfy a craving that had long been ignored since the start of this school year.

in a nutshell, we probably devoured enough seafood to worry the ocean stocks for the rest of the year in just one sitting. i got reacquainted with fish, alright! i saw the power of sushi. i saw someone's eyes light up at the sight of one single plate of seafood that looks like rats' brains, namely sea urchin sushi. i can't imagine what it would taste like and to be honest i don't really want to find out.

i had a bloody good time taking pictures of all the sushi... wish i had a better camera though: salmon (nice as usual), yellow tail (very sweet), scallops (fresh and tastes great with a little lime), vinegared mackerel (dared not try), giant prawns, california rolls (normal but a little bland), avocado roll (well, a little avocadoey), raw squid (dared not try no.2), blowtorch'd salmon (someone elses'), eel (nice... icky little bones all over though), sea urchin (dared not try no.3), and this egg dish (a little sweet. steaming hot. just right!).

good food + good company = nice ar'vo.

afterwards five of us went out for a long, relaxing walk through the shopping centres around TST.

i said goodbye to the girls after we hiked from one end of TST to the other, and rejoined my mum at causeway bay via the star ferry for some more shopping. yes. shopping. it's the female life.

nice day to recharge the batteries before a few big weeks....

go my fair lady!!!!!!!

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