Monday, August 13, 2007

Friday, December 29, 2006

Earthquake = no e-mail for two days

7.2 ricter scale earthquake!
Internet congestion!
No connection with the outside world!

But fortunately, we're back, up, and running again.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

And so term 1 ends.

^^^ 11 teachers making plain fools of themselves in front of 1029 students and 50 odd staff.

^^^ darling kids, so talented, happy and helpful!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

MFL memories....

More memories coming soon.... since there are so many, here's a picture of us higgins household and eliza, backstage, during the second last show!
Memories on top on the priority list:
* this happened on opening night. the battery pack of my radio mic fell out of its pouch and onto the ground, around 30 seconds before my entrance in act 2. i shoved the pack into my undies and held it in place.
* daily mic tests... for sure!
* dressing room 18: writing endless lyrics to the tune of "you did it"; sky's admirable junkfood eating habits; moet after the final show; dressing our live-eliza-doll during her very quick changes; being fumigated by hairspray; cheap hairclips; hair by christine, and makeup by althea; brenda's episode with the maids' costumes and aprons; not being able to stop laughing because of bryan chua... and christine's lovely laugh; r&b adaptation of my fair lady; lecturers who go "errrrrp" while they lecture; lisa's suduku time; getting giggly during act2 scene4 (get me to the church on time); sophie getting stabbed in the foot by althea during act2 scene4... we were just way too giggly then; armpit spray; brenda's wig induced itchy scalp... etc........
* claudia accidentally copping a feel of yours truly's left armpit during act1 scene4 of the final show.
Well, don't good times fly.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

a sushi kind of day

(sorry about the formatting)
i had one of the more relaxing days since i started this job.

because one of the teachers was getting married today, even the new teachers got invited to go to the ceremony... so we went. after the lovely ceremony at a church in TST, a couple of us went out to a sushi place nearby. for people like me, it was an occasion to make an acquaitance with raw fish, and for certain others (whose names start with e, l, b and v) to satisfy a craving that had long been ignored since the start of this school year.

in a nutshell, we probably devoured enough seafood to worry the ocean stocks for the rest of the year in just one sitting. i got reacquainted with fish, alright! i saw the power of sushi. i saw someone's eyes light up at the sight of one single plate of seafood that looks like rats' brains, namely sea urchin sushi. i can't imagine what it would taste like and to be honest i don't really want to find out.

i had a bloody good time taking pictures of all the sushi... wish i had a better camera though: salmon (nice as usual), yellow tail (very sweet), scallops (fresh and tastes great with a little lime), vinegared mackerel (dared not try), giant prawns, california rolls (normal but a little bland), avocado roll (well, a little avocadoey), raw squid (dared not try no.2), blowtorch'd salmon (someone elses'), eel (nice... icky little bones all over though), sea urchin (dared not try no.3), and this egg dish (a little sweet. steaming hot. just right!).

good food + good company = nice ar'vo.

afterwards five of us went out for a long, relaxing walk through the shopping centres around TST.

i said goodbye to the girls after we hiked from one end of TST to the other, and rejoined my mum at causeway bay via the star ferry for some more shopping. yes. shopping. it's the female life.

nice day to recharge the batteries before a few big weeks....

go my fair lady!!!!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Picnic day... yum...

1. our vast selection of food for the day. e & i love 1D to bits!
2. e being continually offered food by her students... and being made to eat it all.
3. k&i, both born on the 8/8, just a few years apart.
4. the youngin' form 1 class teachers. to our students, we are all "under twenty five".

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Until 10/12/06...

Here's what's happening up 'til then:

* My fair lady from 1/12 - 10/12
* Sports day
* Someone at work's getting married!
* exams...
* more and more rehearsals for EDC...

add oil!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

finally, a long weekend...

what a month!
* beginning of the SAGC english drama club program: so--- THE program has started. luckily, nothing fell apart! and it was lucky that i actually listened in class and took lots of notes back at the APA, because a lot of what i'm teaching now is from dip 1 APA. "i'm a good gal i am!" the drama club girls are good, and most of them are out of the "i'm girly and shy" phase.
* my 1D student was on tv! go Vicgina! dance away!
* non-stop classes, work and rehearsals starting to take its toll... i caught the latest cold virus got sick for about a week. luckily (again) i didn't lose my voice unlike an unlucky colleague who had fever, sniffles and no voice for about a week and a half... can't afford to lose my voice a month and a half out from showtime!
* another singing gig... fun stuff! i relish the chance to perform, but i really have to keep it to 1 gig a month. otherwise it gets a bit much.

thank god? thank heavens? thank goodness? thank mum and dad? for everything i have. touch wood, i have a good life at the moment.

Friday, October 20, 2006

huuuuuuuge week

* basketball game.... didn't even get one basket, as usual... three months out of the APA and i've become completely unfit!
* taking the piss out of short(er) people :)
* experiencing the combined magic of vitamin c, panadol cold and flu, garlic pearles, and vitamin b complex pills on ridding self of cold or flu, or related illness within 5 days.
* a big week at school so far... "the week stretches out in front of me.... endlessly..."
* "I" making the paper... and being extremely excited about it "i made the paper! i made the paper!"
* after work badminton games...
* playing professional clown, and cheering up one crying student (thanks, E, for depleting my entire month's supply of candy within the space of 2 minutes!)
* sustaining high energy for four consecutive days
* "Ms. S's alphabet workshop"... now being a codeword for "work birthday gathering"
* weird number of people sharing the same birthday in the english department (2 x 20/10, 2 x 8/8, 2 x 7/10<--- one ex-staff member)
* yes, and a bit of soul searching.
* having the lovely feeling of being able to see the surface of my desk again

All this in the space of 6 days.