Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quest for the perfect bra

June 28, 2006
This article from : AAP
THE fastest, the strongest and the most athletic at Australia's Institute of Sport will be enlisted to help develop one of the modern world's most elusive products - the perfect sports bra.
Volunteers will be called among female athletes at the institute to help make breast bounce a thing of the past.

The institute today announced a three-year deal with Berlei that will allow the bra manufacturer to develop its future products in consultation with Australia's gun athletes.

Modern technology is set to meet old-fashioned pain tests as the AIS athletes and Berlei strive for the holy grail of sporting accessories.

AIS director Professor Peter Fricker said the focus on sports bras was a natural progression from high-tech sporting aids such as full-length swimsuits and aerodynamic bicycle helmets.
"At elite levels, events are decided by tenths of hundreds of seconds - having the right equipment can be the difference between an athlete winning a gold medal or missing out all together," he said.

In return for providing the human guinea pigs, the AIS will be given advanced access to Berlei's designs, the idea being that the Aussie athletes will therefore have a competitive advantage.
The three-year deal gives Berlei the green light to subject the AIS sportswomen to the infamous "pain scale".

This involves fitting unreleased bras on the athletes, who perform a range of physical activities like running and jumping before rating the pain (or comfort) of each bra.

The partnership will allow Berlei to access the AIS's biometrics unit, which will allow the company to utilise 3D computer modelling to pinpoint the level of vertical bounce per bra.
Jodie Cochrane, an AIS biomechanist, says an unsupported 12B bust can move up to eight centimetres, and a double-D cup up to 18 cm.

"You want to reduce pain, and you want to reduce movement to prevent permanent damage," she said.

"Performance-wise ... the less movement the better - you're more comfortable, and you're more focused on what you're doing."

Melbourne Commonwealth Games long jump silver medallist Kerrie Taurima said a good bra was as important as top running shoes.

"You need to know that you've done everything possible to achieve your best - part of this is knowing you've go the right gear," she said.

"I wouldn't compromise the quality, fit and comfort in my shoes, and my bra is no different."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i'm sorry, state of origin is next wednesday.

that's not quite the orthordox tackle but it took the man down... yes, mr. croatian defender, state of origin is next wednesday and despite your efforts, you have not been picked on either team to play. thanks for trying though.

to lose to italy 1-0 from a 95th minute penalty is heartbreaking tonight, despite the disappointment, socceroos- I'M PROUD OF YAS ALL!!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

what a day

200- couldn't sleep, afraid that disco inferno might not happen
230- finally asleep
900- awake to head to school for outside job forms
1110- arrive at school
1145- complete outside job forms
1215- told that disco inferno might not happen by suk yi
1245- got told that the job offer to teach english at st tony's is a reality
1330- hands in deferral form!!!!

so yes, call my miss cheung- i'm going to teach form 1 english next year, and get to do my disco inferno stuff... things do work out in the end... i'm going to miss my APA classmates though, but i'll always get the opportunity to see them...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

please please please please let me be in disco inferno

with a 80% chance i'll be cast in the lead female role of disco inferno..... please, please.... let me do it!!!! and please please please be understanding and don't cast me in some minnow chorus of next semester's shows!

woke up with a scratchy throat this morning... but luckily i was able to sing the auditions songs surprisingly well- and that's what saved me from being outed after the dance section. i wasn't as goodas i could be, but no excuses, i'm just not practiced as a dancer... so the singing began, and my throat held up okay, and then i was one of the three from six chosen to be seriously considered for the role of jane.. i love singing!!! i wanted a guy to play off when i was doing my version of "i will survive", and a guy responded, it was fun :) but the 20% lies in 1. my height 2. my age 3. my dancing.... the other girl who i thought was also in the running for the role was younger, cuter, and was a better dancer, although she didn't quite have the singing technique to present the song.

tomorrow, i'm going to ask the teachers whether i can do this... ... fingers crossed...

and from a thing i saw tonight-- "never look back, that way you'll fall down the stairs"- Rudolf Nureyev, ballet great. RIP, dude.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

time to think...

i really enjoyed today--- my first true day of holidays, i had the time to think about the next three or four months. through the exam and audition process i really had no time to worry about anything other than our work at the APA.... and i made at least 6 or 7 phone calls to catch the final business day to organise myself... i found out that we are touring pakistan in mid-august, mid-bloody-summer on the sub-continent; that we'll be performing at a shopping mall and a studio venue after the musical theatre workshop i enrolled in; helped a few classmates to enrol in the MT program, and that luckily found that the performance dates for disco inferno falls right in the middle of our semester 1 production week (phew... that was a big, big discovery!). i ripped music and planned for a school teaching job i've taken through mum's contacts.... and fixed up my room a little... i still don't quite feel like i'm on holidays, because as a person in my industry, even as an actress-in-training, we're never on holidays... we're ever on the lookout for opportunities to work in the industry. it's a busy life, that's for sure, but i'd rather it be a busy life than a dull life.... cos that's what i asked for when i left australia.

Friday, June 16, 2006

avenue q... and the year ends...

this week was for me, pole dancing, avenue q, chinese dance, aussie aussie aussie, QLD'er, and a lot of work.
we had our school production auditions this week... which meant memorising a lot of chinese words and working out for our movement presentations. i'm surprised what i can do after a year of acrobatics training--- the splits is a big one- if you told me to do the splits a year ago i would've laughed you off!

pole dancing-- because the degree 2 musical theatre students were rehearsing their "hey big spender" number out in the level three foyer. and as the music filters through to the level 1 foyer, where we were quietly chanting our monologues prior to our audition, i got up and danced to it... every bloody time the song came on- i just couldn't concentrate :)

avenue q--- the other song they were rehearsing was 'if you were gay' from avenue q... classic! it was stuck in my head for ages.

chinese dance--i got a recall audition for "back from the journey to the west"... and the chinese dance moves gave me a pain in the butt.

sporting front--- the hong kong women's cricket team are going to pakistan in mid-august to play three qualifying matches for the world cup 2009 qualifiers.... the qualifyers for the qualifyers... australia won 3-1 against japan, and QUEENSLAND BEAT NSW 30-6!!! TAKE THAT!!!!!!

hmm.. it's been a long year, but i'd like to review it.... soon.... i have to rest...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

di nu hua.... english style-- from a fellow blogger

Falling flowers cover a thousand miles and ten thousand places
Like the hundred flowers, with weeping eyes thanking the people
The crimson blood of the country is not yet dried, but a lavish banquet aids a good funeral
The blood of a painful heart leads a thousand depths
Remembering the dreams of the last emperor were full of sorrow
The country is fallen, the family is dead, watching the water flowing faraway
Lives lost and curses of death litter the gateways and the poor alleyways
Sai Hin will forever be buried with Cheung Ping, turning the troubles of the country into hope
Only wishing that the great times will be better than the heavens
Beautiful images buried with no regrets forever that the excess love lingers
The light in the tears drowns the light of the moon in the cup
Two hearts know that their end is in the grapes and wine
The emperor's daughter is prepared to die together, borrowing a new grave as the wedding night room
Yet they look and yet they watch each other
The wind has taken them across the three rivers, bringing a hundred experiences and a thousand meetings
Tragedies striking for half of the lifetime, this pair of birds of a feather
The patterned candles reflect their boundless love
Thanking their country, Thanking the last emperor,
Giving their lives to repay the grace of a troubled time for the excess love that lingers

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

exam tomorrow...

argh!!!!!! we can do it!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

a day out with disney

went to the disney vocalist auditions today... didn't expect much but gave my all with my suicidal song--- memory from cats. did okay with the high notes considering i pretty much fucked up all the low notes ("burnt out ends of smoky days"...). thinking back, it's a pretty amazing 16 bars of singing--- encompassing two octaves! going from the low e flat below middle c to a few notes at the high e flat above. after our 16 bars, you either hear "please stay" or the most dreaded words performers hate to hear at auditions --> "thank you". i heard the former, fortunately, and waited with the other three acquaintances from the APA. we were getting quite cosy in there, because it turned out we four, and one other girl, were the only ones left from the 50 or so who turned out for our session. we had another chat, then went back in to learn a disney song (when you wish upon a star)... then we said goodbye to another aspirant... afters, we learnt the rudimentary dance routine (step touch... step touch... passe... step ball change... chasse... outwards turn.... ball change... etc) and finally had to say this really cliche disney spiel into a dv cam, with AS MUCH NRG AS WE CAN MUSTER AT 5 IN THE AFTERNOON!!!!! ENERGY!!!! YOU'RE IN DISNEY!!!! i'm glad to have taken the extra dance lessons because it really trains you to pick up steps faster at auditions.

i don't think i have a chance in a million years to be cast... compared to the voices in the phillipines, i don't think i have the voice to compete with. but pending all the bureaucratic stuff like visas and passports and stuff, it would probably be easier for disney to cast locals immediately who can probably sing just as well. it would be a dream job for me at this moment of my life to grab a role in the lion king... fingers crossed and we'll see what happens :)

hot guy, hot voice

crazy stuff.... this dude has the highest falsetto i've ever heard. he's this russian pop singer. go check the site out and be amazed!

HKCA Women's League Bowler of the Year

Is me. moi. Margaret Cheung Kwok Wing.
How i earned the trophy with 11 wickets for the season i don't know, but it's nice to cap off selection in the hk women's squad with a trophy as well :) funny also that the bowler of the year has no control over every ball she bowls. maybe that's why she's the bowler of the year, because not even the batsmen can predict how the ball's going to come out!
but unfortunately i wasn't there to collect the award... i'm never there when there's an award to collect, unless when notified beforehand like at presentation nights... perhaps that's what will happen if i win a Tony or something... i'll be in the toilet doing a poo when my name gets called out and someone has to brave the horrid smell to tell me about it.
thank you, Western Suburbs District Cricket Club--- Farmer, Megan and you lot in second grade womens, for teaching me how to play cricket, and how to be a cricketer... if i had to dedicate this award to someone, after my parents, i'd dedicate it to you girls back there. thanks for the good times!

Marge Cheung- season 2005-2006
From 28 Overs
11 wickets
Average: 9.18
Economy rate: 3.61
1 5 Wicket Haul---> 10-0-44-5