Sunday, December 17, 2006

MFL memories....

More memories coming soon.... since there are so many, here's a picture of us higgins household and eliza, backstage, during the second last show!
Memories on top on the priority list:
* this happened on opening night. the battery pack of my radio mic fell out of its pouch and onto the ground, around 30 seconds before my entrance in act 2. i shoved the pack into my undies and held it in place.
* daily mic tests... for sure!
* dressing room 18: writing endless lyrics to the tune of "you did it"; sky's admirable junkfood eating habits; moet after the final show; dressing our live-eliza-doll during her very quick changes; being fumigated by hairspray; cheap hairclips; hair by christine, and makeup by althea; brenda's episode with the maids' costumes and aprons; not being able to stop laughing because of bryan chua... and christine's lovely laugh; r&b adaptation of my fair lady; lecturers who go "errrrrp" while they lecture; lisa's suduku time; getting giggly during act2 scene4 (get me to the church on time); sophie getting stabbed in the foot by althea during act2 scene4... we were just way too giggly then; armpit spray; brenda's wig induced itchy scalp... etc........
* claudia accidentally copping a feel of yours truly's left armpit during act1 scene4 of the final show.
Well, don't good times fly.

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