Sunday, April 30, 2006

what the?

i have mixed feelings about this...

Muslim leader welcomes citizenship test
Friday Apr 28 17:46 AEST
A Muslim leader has welcomed a federal government proposal to introduce compulsory citizenship tests for Australian migrants.
Under the proposal by immigration parliamentary secretary Andrew Robb, prospective immigrants would have to take a test to demonstrate their English language skills and knowledge of Australia's values, customs, laws and history.
Muslim leader Mustapha Kara-Ali, a member of the prime minister's hand-picked Muslim community reference group, said a basic level of language skills and understanding of Australian culture could be a useful tool for new citizens.
"A basic understanding of Australian culture and a practical knowledge of the English language will go a long way in laying the foundation for a new mindset in the Muslim community," Mr Kara-Ali said.
"It's stifled minds that are opposing outright this draft blueprint by Mr Robb - it's in the Muslim community's best interest to set such citizenship requirements."
Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, a former immigration minister, said it was important new citizens understood their obligations to Australia.
"The process that Andrew is foreshadowing may require some additional commitment of funds, of resources and they're matters that the government will look at," Mr Ruddock told reporters.
But the Australian Greens and the Australian Democrats questioned how fluency in English and an understanding of so-called Australian values would make someone a better Australian.
Greens senator Kerry Nettle said not all native Australians were fluent in English, while not all ministers epitomised Australian values.
"A fluent grasp of English is not a prerequisite of being Australian," Senator Nettle said.
"Has Mr Robb forgotten that many indigenous Australians do not speak fluent English? Is he suggesting that they are less Australian?"
The Australian Democrats echoed these concerns by arguing that if the government was serious about the citizenship test it should make everyone take it, not just migrants.
"If Andrew Robb is serious about a compulsory citizenship test on Australian history, customs and values, he should have the courage to require all Australians to take the test," Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett said.
"Clearly many existing Australians have little understanding of the history and heritage in this country."
Labor has backed the government's proposal, subject to a discussion of what constitutes Australian values.
"We would need to look at who is going to decide what would be in the test, what consultation there would be and how the test would be assessed," Labor immigration spokeswoman Annette Hurley said.
Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia chair Voula Messimeri said citizenship should not be a matter of passing or failing a test.
"Australia has a very long and very proud tradition of accepting people from all around the world and that, by necessity, means that there will be people that arrive, and arrive to the door now, that speak no English now," she told ABC radio.
Sikh Council of Australia secretary Bawa Singh Jagdev said the Sikh community would oppose a compulsory English test.
Meanwhile, Mr Kara-Ali said the government's proposal to set up an institute to teach moderate Islam could backfire.
Mr Robb said he was still seriously considering establishing an institute for Islamic studies in Australia, attached to a prominent university.
It would be run by moderate Islamic scholars.
Mr Kara-Ali said such an institute would need to be implemented carefully.
"The university would need to get selective and go for those leaders that are moderate, those for integration," Mr Kara-Ali told AAP.
Otherwise, the institute may further entrench the "old boy's club" of Australian Islamic leaders, many of whom preach a "ghetto mentality", he said.
"But with the right circumstances, I think it could be a very important milestone in community history," he said.
"I think it could go a long way and set a precedent for other western nations as well."

亡命飛撲... shit......... cricket style...

and so i dived to be safe from being run out... but that extra run didn't matter because we lost anyway. it was such a pretty dive, and same as the 亡命飛撲 dives i dove head first onto the bloody pitch which soon became a little bloody with my very own blood. ick. but this will take longer to recover than the stuff without blood because the graze is a little bit deeper... i was quite pleased with the way we played today. although neither betty, natatsha or i took a string of wickets, the most important thing was that the other, younger girls did. they stepped up to the challenge instead of moping around whinging about the whole situation. the fielding was marginally better. had we fielded like we usually do, we would have let in about 50 more runs than lamma got today, so congrats team, for that! it was somewhat disappointing though not to send tash off to england with a win... but we did our best, and if our best didn't get us a win than that to me is okay. just as long as we gave 110%.

so... obviously i didn't have the time or energy to head to dance this afternoon, but we kicked the footy around for half an hour... and i found that hong kong is a small world: kylie knott--- tasmanian--- works as the feature writer for SCMP / bethan greaves--- heave ho batter--- works as the chorus tutor at the APA school of MT dance.. which explains my bethan sighting about half a month ago in an APA lift... i was putting stuff into my locker, and i turned around, the lift door opened, and i thought i saw bethan... when i acertained that it was bethan, i said hi, and the lift door closed again... turns out she's this super dooper soprano singer and singing teacher! small world, small world... and down down sam mcillwraith (south australian) for supporting port power! it was a bittersweet afternoon.

good news today- mum allowed me to train with the HK squad... but only if i put on SPF100+ and put on mask when i get home... ahhh the price one pays to play cricket...

here's to sport!

Friday, April 28, 2006

sad news...

RIP Mr. Brazier... though i never experienced your teaching i loved your kindness and your bond with us as a teacher and friend...

sending lots of love your way ------------>

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

100th post!

hmm... 1-0-0 anniversary... i've lasted 100 posts here, and i have to thank blogger for its cool features.

music of the week:
Stereophonics "Performance and Cocktails"
Annie Lennox "Medusa" (a lighter shade of pale, take me to the river)
David Gray "A Century Ends"
Seal "Seal" (crazy!)

all from the HKAPA library, thank you very much!

got auditions here, there and everywhere... i've applied to do this lindsey mcallister thing called "disco inferno" next saturday... and the my fair lady thing tomorrow night... fingers cross i get something in the chorus but let's not get too optimistic... or too pessimistic...

i feel that i've shaken off the shakles somewhat at school now... i don't get afraid of doing an improvisation or an exercise or get too disappointed if i fuck up... i haven't fucked up, actually, in two months... i've finally learnt how to learn, and that, i reckon, is the greatest skill to learn when attending any education institution.

but i am getting more and more tired by the day... and i got sick again... it's the change of weather!

and so it's time for bed.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

i swear ken alan-- captain of the broadway show fosse, is a dead ringer for brett lee!

a hot day to fall in love with fosse.

melted marge... clinging on to the pocari sweat and not about to let go... ever...

it so hot today at po kong village road! i bowled three overs at the beginning and took 1/7.... it was okay, there were a few nicks dropped, but at least the keeper didn't give any byes away. afterwards it was a most enjoyable hour at CCDC... sorry henry, but the teacher taught us "take off with us" from all that jazz today... i felt like 1% of carol haney and by the end most of my joints were hurting but it didnt' matter!!! we did all the fosse moves and i was completely stoked.

and----- the broncos won!!!! bonus!!!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


^^^^^ proud to be a tourist, still!

^^^^^ yes soloman, hong kong's egg tarts do taste better.

^^^^^ soloman finds the taste of durian rather hard to forget.

^^^^^ hong kong's central, hustle and bustle

^^^^^ this bowl of chinese "ramen" looks and smells like death.

soloman lam is a guy i met through an exchange program called dragon100we went for a little day out on hong kong island, walking from causeway bay to central, where we looked at the archecture of the old style residentials in causeway bay, showed my friend the APA, and gave him a taste of egg tarts --- the hong kong way.

this paris photoblog is a recommendation from soloman, who's a bit of a photography nut:

marge cheung: travelling.

What a way to travel around asia & europe!

it looks like an interesting trip.... when i have enough money to do it!

in fact, check out this site for information on how to travel by train in many different countries:

Friday, April 21, 2006


is it time to leave when the first thought that comes in your mind when you get home is
"fuck, not again." ??

Monday, April 17, 2006


looking back at some piccies from the past few years...
why do i have good skin when i have no real need for it?
i want good skin.... NOW!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

oh wouldn't it be loverly?

... to get a role in my fair lady with the hong kong singers?
i'm auditioning for a role in the chorus next thursday at the APA... despite everything annie told me about the hong kong singers, my fair lady is one of my absolute favourite musicals from my childhood and i'm going to have a shot at it no matter what! i remember those ironbark days where a classmate and i would sing songs from MFL here there and everywhere- on our way to woodchop, while cooking, while tending the fire (and getting burnt in the process), while scrubbing the toilet floor. wish me luck!

broken links

the following is what you see when you click on a broken link @

file notnotnot found
file notnotnot found
file not not found
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file file not not found found
filefilefilefile not not foundfoundfound
filefilefilefile not not foundfoundfound
file not not found
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file notnotnot found

Sometimes its hard for us to accept that there are links on the internet without a destination - hypertext links to nothing. Many of us question why this happens? how can it be that there is nothing to link to? who is responsible for this? It saddens us to think that the children of tomorrow will inherit a virtual world of broken links and missing content. I received a phone call from master today and he asked me to share his thoughts on this matter. He was very sad at the start of the phone call - he repeated what he said in his previous message that he wants us to meditate for 2 hours or more so that we can move from darkness to light. He also said that we should initiate more people to this cause and help others to find the links that link together. Finally master said we can do this with or without a lomographic picture - what's important he said is that we find all the missing links together and eradicate the world from the evil terror of the 404 error.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

to tak tak....

if you're currently reading this blog....

can you turn your phone on and answer it??

charade titles

i love these titles by maurice binder--- cool, stylish, sophisticated.

thursday dare

if ya lose, ya get this:

Image hosting by Photobucket

two for the road

Image hosting by Photobucket

loved audrey, loved albert, loved stanley, loved henry.
great work.
i'd been searching for this movie all over and waited for TCM to show it for yonks back in australia, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it on the shelf at HMV yesterday. i couldn't wait to watch it, and it lived up to all my expectations. plus +++++ it has audrey hepburn playing cricket with albert finney :) bonus bonus bonus!
stanley donen is really a marvellously talented guy-- some of his other movies are my favourite too, like the pajama game and charade. his movies are always witty and sophsticated, with this undoubtedly "cool" martini sipping tone to it. henry mancini's score adds to the mood too.
then there are the uber cool titles done by maurice binder, who also did the titles for the 007 films, as well as charade. here's an article about his titles for 007///
such a romantic movie, and makes one think about marriage and love, because it's not a "happily ever after" with smug marrieds abound.

other events happened today (esp. at cricket training) which really made me appreciate my relationship with my parents. thanks for looking after me, and i hope that i can in turn look after you two as well.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006

holiday... day 1... & 2

day 1: relax...sleepies! enjoyed friends' company. movie time. saw isabella with shu2, fiona (shu's friend & clone) & mung. film was largely disappointing and would have been a waste of money if shu didn't have free tickets for us to go. granted, the film is beautiful to look at.
Day 2: got my passport (quite obsessed over how good the passport photo turned out)... day out with annie, shu2, mung, tak2 & chau man. quite baffled on how much young people, actually, just people in general, swear. then i realised that i swore as much in english but i didn't swear in cantonese because none of the swear words were in my vocab. well, i do now! loved the cool place in TST-- four floors of small shop shopping... last day of being alone in the house... enjoying the serenity, but missing the folks... found "two for the road" and invested in "last tango in paris".... want to see more bernado bertolucci films these holidays...
...these holidays are going down the drain...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

food fad


eating cereal again, lol... haven't done this since australia! the hint of honey, the crunchiness, the combo with milk... ahhh..... i have a major fixation with this. it makes quite a snack before bedtime... YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM...

holiday mood

i'm madly cleaning house at the moment and catching up with overdue laundry. the folks are returning tomorrow and i don't want the apartment to look like a shithouse when they come back!
but it looks like i'm going to have a restful holiday... with sit-ups, push-ups, script reading and dance practice in between.

Monday, April 10, 2006

folks in korea.

the fucking toilet is leaking.
one day until the easter holidays. horrah... it really is time for another full week's rest.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

post theatre jazz.... elementary... + pic

mr. darcy... ahh...
"ngau lei so"... yum!!!

after today, i've come to the conclusion that i'm not even up to elementary standard, yo!!! but hell, i had fun. no one could wipe that smile off my face. the others probably thought that i was "off my head".
it was weird revisiting those "jean wong school of dance" days. henry (our teacher) taught us our steps at 100 mph. point, flex, plie... i should have kept dancing when we first moved to oz... but it's better late than never, heh! thank you, jamie, for making me want to dance again. thank you carol haney, gene kelly, gwen verdon, cyd charrise, ann miller etc etc for being inspirations.
the world is my foyer! let's dance!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

photoblogging.... oh how i miss CC!


talking about you makes me feel a little better.
a little less stupid and gullable.
still scarred.

now that i'm chasing a goal doesn't make me any less vulnerable. or lonely...
had a weird night at paris, airing out the shits.

i know what i want now.
i must achieve what i want.

i can't have everything.


funny friday.
jamie wasn't there in the morning.... using the wrong music: "why didn't anyone say anything?"... haha... loving dance more and more... but disappointed that we won't be doing this next year in dip 2...
singing.. checked our range--- i'm a G to D.
cantonese... doing well, and if i do enough study i won't be failing.

RIP hong kong musical theatre

heard from apple that MT @ the APA is folding. how the hell are we supposed to have local kids who can tap and dance like gwen verdon now? where the hell are we supposed to develop our own talent? where jamie (who makes friday mornings fun), our theatre jazz teacher henry, all the dip 1 kids has trained will be no more.



i remember having a better relationship with my parents when i was working, depressed, and had absolutely no friends.

may be i'm better off having no friends.

viva a la musica

hong kong singers are doing my fair lady... shall i audition?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

to wai wai

killing me softly with his song. roberta flack.
I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style, And so I came to see him and listen for a while.And there he was this young boy, stranger to my eyes, Strumming my pain with his fingers,Singing my life with his words, Killing me softly with his song, Killing me softly with his song, Telling my whole life with his words,Killing me softly with his song. I felt all flushed with fever, Embarrassed by the crowd,I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud.I prayed that he would finish,But he just kept right on strumming my pain with his fingers,Singing my life with his words,Killing me softly with his song,Killing me softly with his song,Telling my whole life with his words,Killing me softly with his song.

music moves me.

4/4... children's day

i'm no longer a child. i'm a 21 year old, no longer a girl, but a woman... or am i? completely dumbfounded by mr. s-y's mid lesson question...can he smell loneliness being emitted from my pores?
i drank a few too many... cried like a drunkard... a completely bridget jones moment.
thank you for all your friendship- sheena, tak2, chau, artemis, siu tung, don, kit, annie, owen, mung, chung..... i've never experienced the beauty of true friendship. you guys are the best.

Monday, April 03, 2006

language qualms

as in: 張國穎和Mr.Darcy的婚禮會是很完美的。
but who would've thought those two words would be so hard to say?

time to work hard!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

fun fun fun!!!!

fun friday, fun saturday.
from reading other peoples' blogs it seems that i'm not the only person in my class who thinks that ms. j is a pretty cool teacher. she just makes people catch the "dancing bug" from the first lesson and that's a talent in itself... her enthusiasm for dance is infectious. i'm lovin' it!

today... cheung chau.... fun fun fun... never had as much fun... since sydney anyway. sun, sand and surf all in one amazing day. and great company too! what a day...