Wednesday, May 31, 2006

frenchy munchies

why does the french word for SHIT sound so much more elegant?


it's impossible to say it with a rude tone!

here's a site that has explainations for naughty words in many, many different languages. it's fun to learn... in a way :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

yes, i'm officially a disco lady

hong kong team training was better than i thought... it was a good workout, had a good sweat.

got home... hey! i'm in disco inferno! there's a casting call again in june to find out what roles we end up with. so- my fair lady or disco lady? or neither? since our school auditions will be in june as well??? argh... there'll be tough decisions to make soon.

deja vu

i was woken to my phone ringtone this morning... i didn't bother to look at the caller indicator but only at my alarm clock, which indicated that it was 840 in the morning... i answered... there was this familiar indian voice... so i said: "david?"... that's david gonsalves, my former employer in australia... he must have called from his office during morning tea or something and forgot the time difference... but alas, no, it was the hong kong women cricket team coach, nasir, telling me that there will be training, come rain or come shine.

ah... australia...

then dad called fifteen minutes later asking me my ID card number... he's another one who asks strange questions at strange hours of the night. he once came into my room at 7 in the morning (when i was still working at shaws, on the afternoon shift) and asked me how to pronounce some obscure name of some obscure figure in french history...

and i finally finished tinkering with the cultural salon post.... it's obvious that i put very little effort in the layout, but there's not much i can do. playing around with indesign and illustrator is fun!! it came in this package ReadyMadeMagazine sent me for being a member of their magazine... the Cd had all the macromedia family (cos they merged with adobe) as well as the programs for print & graphic design in the adobe family. yay! i have toys to play with for the summer!

the two audreys & rediscovering france

beautiful paris... there's even art inside the metro!

god, did i hate junior french... i could find no purpose then for studying the language, and everything taught to me was boring, blah blah blah... un de trois quartre...

but just like lost in translation made me want to go to japan two years ago, seeing amelie and other associated french films are making me want to go to paris, and france. there's off jazz dance centre, and two for the road as well. two weeks ago, our french guest director's show, le sword de mon pere, premiered, and whenever i saw him (jean!) in the corridor i'd speak some of what little french i still had in my system to him: e.g. moi: bonjour monseiur! jean: bonjour mademosille! moi: comment cava? jean: bon! bon! merci!... at which point i stopped because i couldn't carry on the conversation... then our dance instructor, henry, who'd been to off jazz, started counting our beats in french, un-deux-trois-quartre-cinq-six-sept-huit... ! i could NOT stop giggling. it seemed all of my surrounding world had succombed to france fever.

it's so romantic, i just want to go into a cosy little cafe and drink coffee and eat pain du chocolat (is this right?) and listen to french people conversing in french. with the holidays being so close, this dream could become a reality, but there is a chance that i'll be there in august... where apparently it's hellish hot for europe. school starts hellishly early as well next semester so we only have from july to mid august to travel. fingers crossed!

Monday, May 29, 2006

how strange

i got pulled up twice by these promotional people asking me if i wanted to be something in the lines of a fitting model, and another saying he's from a "magazine" (he didn't specify... maybe he's an intern :p) that news stalls sell... getting pulled up by these people is not a strange occurance in causeway bay, and i've been asked before, actually... but twice in the space of five metres and ten seconds? very strange indeed...

fun fun!

happy times. a pic from our last day of our dip1 lives, after our last test and our last lesson- cantonese articulation. (carmen-- if you're reading this... notice the headband i'm wearing? it's my ganbare headband for the exam :p)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

'tis the season of rain, rain and... more rain

we're about to hit summer and i'm getting a reminder of last year.
it DOES NOT stop raining during summer here.

bloody hell! the hong kong women's cricket team are supposed to tour pakistan later this year and we are consequently supposed to be in the middle of some intensive training. however, due to the horrid weather we haven't trained at all this week... we are to train about three times next week--- i wonder whether we'll get to train at all.

i was removed from my cultural salon commitments for an excursion to IKEA today... we bought home three storage sets... how we got home via MTR i never understand but we did it... again... cos we've been through the whole "getting-home-from-telford-IKEA-with-our-fucking-hands-full" thing before. argh...

and i'm trailing firefox :) let's see if it's better than IE.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

back to the future

class photo day--- the diploma 1 "kids"

we had our last ever acrobatics lesson yesterday up at studio 14. we had our rigorous final presentation dress rehearsal, then we basically had all hour to mess around in the empty studio. it was so much fun--- we had all the gym mats out and were playing... everyone doing cartwheels, handstands, flips and flops.... like kids. yes, like what we were supposed to be doing when we were 7, and couldn't because hong kong's education sucks ass. i couldn't use the playground equipment downstairs when i was 7 because i was up until 12 studying for the weekly tests--- one for each day of the week: chinese dictation on monday; english comprehension on tuesday; english dictation on wednesday; chinese composition on thursday; english composition on friday... the next week, we had maths and other subjects crammed into our already full schedule... looking back, i was put under less stress as a 19 year old university student than at 7, in primary school, for fuck's sake.

it's definitely nice to be a kid again. thank you, HKAPA, for letting me relive my childhood, 13 years late.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the good & the bad.

bad news first!
queensland lost by a point... and although i knew NSW deserved the victory a whole lot more than QLD b/c of their commanding display, i was still awful crushed.... to lose by a point!!! to get so close!!!! so dramatic!!!! johnathan thurston converting that steve bell try at the 75th minute! and we fucking lost....
ah well... there's always the next game...

the good...
i saw amelie after the game, in hope that it will cheer me up. and cheer me up it did. what a delightful movie. it's the first movie since "only yesterday" (the japanese anime film) where i got weepy eyes in a.......... i won't give the ending away.... well, yes, i got weepy eyes, but it made me a little happy, even! and i'm always grumpy after a queeensland loss. thank you, amelie, for cheering me up!
p.s. anyone who's not seen this film---- for those who have a penchant for fairytales/fairyfloss light films.... amelie's for you.... the last scenes gave me not only a warm fuzzy feeling... it gave me the same feeling i got when i found out (years ago) that the person i once liked actually liked me back. that.... shiver up your spine... and it's a good shiver...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

no posts until the end of this week....

there's so much shit happening this week in the lead up to our exams... i spent the whole fucking weekend translating 600 words worth of crap that i'd written for public speaking... again cementing the fact that i have ''zero'' writing skills in chinese. argh.

okay marg.... one more week until two weeks of rest and more prep....

all for one day:::::: 8 june 2006 :::::::: 9:30am to 6:00pm... seven and a half hours of drama and related stuff....

shit, i hate mondays..........

Sunday, May 14, 2006

pulp fiction... and other stuff

no, i'm not going back for semester 2... i've gotten over my yips.
music and dance cheers me up, yet again... funnily, i've enjoyed acting this week... we played this "rave party" game right, and i had to "strip"... it's forced me to be more comfortable with my body than i've previously been. makes me sound twisted, heh, but i did find the game to be fun!
half a month to go until exams................. add oil!!!!

otherwise, i'm loving the pulp fiction soundtrack that i bought today... it's quite a classic.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


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Sunday, May 07, 2006


HKAPA, i'm having an affair.
i'm having an affair with QUT.
i'm thinking of going to QUT.

or was i actually having an affair with HKAPA,
and thinking of going back to QUT?

or was i having an affair with Hong Kong,
and thinking of going back to Australia????

shit. this can't come at a worst time, 1 month from our exams, but i also have 1 month to lodge my QUT R form... shit...

am i at the apa to smell the roses that aren't there or a bohemian destiny?

sight of the day

jason akermanis "bitch slaps" jarrad crouch in frustration of giving away a free kick.

fun day!

did the lindsey mcalister thing in the afternoon... fun fun... discovering the triple threat in me... but the successful afternoon put my schedule in great conflict with the my fair lady gig... yes, i got a spot in the chorus in MFL but poop i have to ask my teachers whether i can take part in it... if there's a part for me in disco inferno i'd probably take that instead of MFL... who knows?

tonight? it's a sssssh thing cos of school... but i sang in front of people and it was fun :) and got flowers...