Friday, September 22, 2006

back from camp

yo. back! finally....
1. had a great time @ camp.... our little girlie group of 6 staff members had fun in our dorm room, as did our big girlie group of 42 1D students...
2. there are now students @ SAGC who can who can read my blog so i'd better be "disney" about everything (yes, you, simmy :p )

a few things:
* i hit my head on a fan on the first night
* i dropped countless things, including my camera, my new toothbrush (onto the shower floor... ewww) and the social workers' walkie talkie
* i had a "24 hour solo" deja vu while waiting to be "rescued" by my group from the "aliens"
* chucked waterbombs made out of plastic bags and not being very environmentally friendly in the process
* while waiting for the students to walk pass prior to the whole water bomb business,
* i am no longer the biggest germaphobe in the world! i don't even come close.
* 1D is the best!

a few more memorable things:
* k's phoebe-ness
* l's sleepiness
* n's worldliness
* w's strength
* q's resourcefulness



Simmy said...

I am here to say you actually no need to change yourself to be "disney", just be yourself. :)Don't force yourself to change plz!

Seems that you were having lots of fun while you were at the camp, but you should be careful not to get hurt, I don't want to see your bruise....

By the way, what does germaphobe means?

Marge said...

germaphobic: it's a word that i made up.
if you take the word apart, it makes germ and phobic... which means: afraid of germs.

... and who is sorby?