Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ms cheung is off to camp!

signing off for the next few days... we'll be back on friday afternoon. let's hope us teachers will still be alive then! rumour has it that we'll be involved in water gun fights and the younger teachers will be attacked with water at various moments of the days.

meanwhile, my class monitoress pointed out the following to me today: "ms cheung, your undies are showing". quite stunned, i said, "thank you." i'll never wear that witchery light flowery skirt with those lovely M&S hot pink undies ever again...

and to those students and teachers who are still refer to playing basketball as "playing fanny", please stop this practice immediately.

so am i off on two days worth of holidays or two days of hell?

(elaine, being my cool form class teacher partner.)
me: we're doing group marches and stuff.
elaine: argh.
me: and we have to inspect their rooms at 7:30am.
elaine: argh.
me: and--- we have to be in the thursday night water fights.
elaine: arrrrrrgh...

bright eyed and bushy tailed..... raring to go....

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