Friday, September 29, 2006


my blogger posts are getting increasingly cryptic, especially with the names of people i work with... sorry!!

SAGC staff development day. things learnt:
K-W-L teaching strategy:
example topic- koalas- group 2 (english department)
K: they live in australia. they are cuddly. they are cute. they eat eucalypt leaves. they sleep a lot. they sleep on trees. they carry their babies in their pouch.
W: questions asked: do koalas have feelings? do they find humans annoying? are they really cute? do they fall off the tree when they sleep? what is their lifespan? do they have a hard or soft nose?

later on....
E: zzzzzzz (in full view of the BB)
trainer: how do students learn about ratios?
Me: we don't.

it's a fact. i feel nauseous whenever i'm sitting in front of a maths problem. how good is it that i'm teaching english, and not a scary subject like maths or chemistry?

more things learnt: the SAGC staff 9.9 sec sign out. after a mere wee wee there was absolutely no-one left but S, Q, and me... or so we'd thought. when we walked past the bigger staffroom we saw E perched in front of one of the computers. M: what are you, crazy? E: I'm just hanging out cos my next thing's not until 3. M, S & Q: lunch? E: cool! so afterwards, lunch with S, Q & E @ APM suzuki... fun stuff... it's nice to have fun colleagues. it's a bit like being @ MPN, where we always have a laugh at work.

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Simmy said...

Actually, chemistry is not scary, the scary part is you don't know when the chemicals will explode. haha :)