Friday, October 20, 2006

huuuuuuuge week

* basketball game.... didn't even get one basket, as usual... three months out of the APA and i've become completely unfit!
* taking the piss out of short(er) people :)
* experiencing the combined magic of vitamin c, panadol cold and flu, garlic pearles, and vitamin b complex pills on ridding self of cold or flu, or related illness within 5 days.
* a big week at school so far... "the week stretches out in front of me.... endlessly..."
* "I" making the paper... and being extremely excited about it "i made the paper! i made the paper!"
* after work badminton games...
* playing professional clown, and cheering up one crying student (thanks, E, for depleting my entire month's supply of candy within the space of 2 minutes!)
* sustaining high energy for four consecutive days
* "Ms. S's alphabet workshop"... now being a codeword for "work birthday gathering"
* weird number of people sharing the same birthday in the english department (2 x 20/10, 2 x 8/8, 2 x 7/10<--- one ex-staff member)
* yes, and a bit of soul searching.
* having the lovely feeling of being able to see the surface of my desk again

All this in the space of 6 days.

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