Saturday, October 28, 2006

finally, a long weekend...

what a month!
* beginning of the SAGC english drama club program: so--- THE program has started. luckily, nothing fell apart! and it was lucky that i actually listened in class and took lots of notes back at the APA, because a lot of what i'm teaching now is from dip 1 APA. "i'm a good gal i am!" the drama club girls are good, and most of them are out of the "i'm girly and shy" phase.
* my 1D student was on tv! go Vicgina! dance away!
* non-stop classes, work and rehearsals starting to take its toll... i caught the latest cold virus got sick for about a week. luckily (again) i didn't lose my voice unlike an unlucky colleague who had fever, sniffles and no voice for about a week and a half... can't afford to lose my voice a month and a half out from showtime!
* another singing gig... fun stuff! i relish the chance to perform, but i really have to keep it to 1 gig a month. otherwise it gets a bit much.

thank god? thank heavens? thank goodness? thank mum and dad? for everything i have. touch wood, i have a good life at the moment.

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