Sunday, April 30, 2006

亡命飛撲... shit......... cricket style...

and so i dived to be safe from being run out... but that extra run didn't matter because we lost anyway. it was such a pretty dive, and same as the 亡命飛撲 dives i dove head first onto the bloody pitch which soon became a little bloody with my very own blood. ick. but this will take longer to recover than the stuff without blood because the graze is a little bit deeper... i was quite pleased with the way we played today. although neither betty, natatsha or i took a string of wickets, the most important thing was that the other, younger girls did. they stepped up to the challenge instead of moping around whinging about the whole situation. the fielding was marginally better. had we fielded like we usually do, we would have let in about 50 more runs than lamma got today, so congrats team, for that! it was somewhat disappointing though not to send tash off to england with a win... but we did our best, and if our best didn't get us a win than that to me is okay. just as long as we gave 110%.

so... obviously i didn't have the time or energy to head to dance this afternoon, but we kicked the footy around for half an hour... and i found that hong kong is a small world: kylie knott--- tasmanian--- works as the feature writer for SCMP / bethan greaves--- heave ho batter--- works as the chorus tutor at the APA school of MT dance.. which explains my bethan sighting about half a month ago in an APA lift... i was putting stuff into my locker, and i turned around, the lift door opened, and i thought i saw bethan... when i acertained that it was bethan, i said hi, and the lift door closed again... turns out she's this super dooper soprano singer and singing teacher! small world, small world... and down down sam mcillwraith (south australian) for supporting port power! it was a bittersweet afternoon.

good news today- mum allowed me to train with the HK squad... but only if i put on SPF100+ and put on mask when i get home... ahhh the price one pays to play cricket...

here's to sport!

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