Wednesday, April 26, 2006

100th post!

hmm... 1-0-0 anniversary... i've lasted 100 posts here, and i have to thank blogger for its cool features.

music of the week:
Stereophonics "Performance and Cocktails"
Annie Lennox "Medusa" (a lighter shade of pale, take me to the river)
David Gray "A Century Ends"
Seal "Seal" (crazy!)

all from the HKAPA library, thank you very much!

got auditions here, there and everywhere... i've applied to do this lindsey mcallister thing called "disco inferno" next saturday... and the my fair lady thing tomorrow night... fingers cross i get something in the chorus but let's not get too optimistic... or too pessimistic...

i feel that i've shaken off the shakles somewhat at school now... i don't get afraid of doing an improvisation or an exercise or get too disappointed if i fuck up... i haven't fucked up, actually, in two months... i've finally learnt how to learn, and that, i reckon, is the greatest skill to learn when attending any education institution.

but i am getting more and more tired by the day... and i got sick again... it's the change of weather!

and so it's time for bed.

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