Saturday, April 15, 2006

two for the road

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loved audrey, loved albert, loved stanley, loved henry.
great work.
i'd been searching for this movie all over and waited for TCM to show it for yonks back in australia, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it on the shelf at HMV yesterday. i couldn't wait to watch it, and it lived up to all my expectations. plus +++++ it has audrey hepburn playing cricket with albert finney :) bonus bonus bonus!
stanley donen is really a marvellously talented guy-- some of his other movies are my favourite too, like the pajama game and charade. his movies are always witty and sophsticated, with this undoubtedly "cool" martini sipping tone to it. henry mancini's score adds to the mood too.
then there are the uber cool titles done by maurice binder, who also did the titles for the 007 films, as well as charade. here's an article about his titles for 007///
such a romantic movie, and makes one think about marriage and love, because it's not a "happily ever after" with smug marrieds abound.

other events happened today (esp. at cricket training) which really made me appreciate my relationship with my parents. thanks for looking after me, and i hope that i can in turn look after you two as well.

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