Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the two audreys & rediscovering france

beautiful paris... there's even art inside the metro!

god, did i hate junior french... i could find no purpose then for studying the language, and everything taught to me was boring, blah blah blah... un de trois quartre...

but just like lost in translation made me want to go to japan two years ago, seeing amelie and other associated french films are making me want to go to paris, and france. there's off jazz dance centre, and two for the road as well. two weeks ago, our french guest director's show, le sword de mon pere, premiered, and whenever i saw him (jean!) in the corridor i'd speak some of what little french i still had in my system to him: e.g. moi: bonjour monseiur! jean: bonjour mademosille! moi: comment cava? jean: bon! bon! merci!... at which point i stopped because i couldn't carry on the conversation... then our dance instructor, henry, who'd been to off jazz, started counting our beats in french, un-deux-trois-quartre-cinq-six-sept-huit... ! i could NOT stop giggling. it seemed all of my surrounding world had succombed to france fever.

it's so romantic, i just want to go into a cosy little cafe and drink coffee and eat pain du chocolat (is this right?) and listen to french people conversing in french. with the holidays being so close, this dream could become a reality, but there is a chance that i'll be there in august... where apparently it's hellish hot for europe. school starts hellishly early as well next semester so we only have from july to mid august to travel. fingers crossed!

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