Sunday, May 28, 2006

'tis the season of rain, rain and... more rain

we're about to hit summer and i'm getting a reminder of last year.
it DOES NOT stop raining during summer here.

bloody hell! the hong kong women's cricket team are supposed to tour pakistan later this year and we are consequently supposed to be in the middle of some intensive training. however, due to the horrid weather we haven't trained at all this week... we are to train about three times next week--- i wonder whether we'll get to train at all.

i was removed from my cultural salon commitments for an excursion to IKEA today... we bought home three storage sets... how we got home via MTR i never understand but we did it... again... cos we've been through the whole "getting-home-from-telford-IKEA-with-our-fucking-hands-full" thing before. argh...

and i'm trailing firefox :) let's see if it's better than IE.

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