Thursday, May 25, 2006

back to the future

class photo day--- the diploma 1 "kids"

we had our last ever acrobatics lesson yesterday up at studio 14. we had our rigorous final presentation dress rehearsal, then we basically had all hour to mess around in the empty studio. it was so much fun--- we had all the gym mats out and were playing... everyone doing cartwheels, handstands, flips and flops.... like kids. yes, like what we were supposed to be doing when we were 7, and couldn't because hong kong's education sucks ass. i couldn't use the playground equipment downstairs when i was 7 because i was up until 12 studying for the weekly tests--- one for each day of the week: chinese dictation on monday; english comprehension on tuesday; english dictation on wednesday; chinese composition on thursday; english composition on friday... the next week, we had maths and other subjects crammed into our already full schedule... looking back, i was put under less stress as a 19 year old university student than at 7, in primary school, for fuck's sake.

it's definitely nice to be a kid again. thank you, HKAPA, for letting me relive my childhood, 13 years late.

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