Tuesday, May 30, 2006

deja vu

i was woken to my phone ringtone this morning... i didn't bother to look at the caller indicator but only at my alarm clock, which indicated that it was 840 in the morning... i answered... there was this familiar indian voice... so i said: "david?"... that's david gonsalves, my former employer in australia... he must have called from his office during morning tea or something and forgot the time difference... but alas, no, it was the hong kong women cricket team coach, nasir, telling me that there will be training, come rain or come shine.

ah... australia...

then dad called fifteen minutes later asking me my ID card number... he's another one who asks strange questions at strange hours of the night. he once came into my room at 7 in the morning (when i was still working at shaws, on the afternoon shift) and asked me how to pronounce some obscure name of some obscure figure in french history...

and i finally finished tinkering with the cultural salon post.... it's obvious that i put very little effort in the layout, but there's not much i can do. playing around with indesign and illustrator is fun!! it came in this package ReadyMadeMagazine sent me for being a member of their magazine... the Cd had all the macromedia family (cos they merged with adobe) as well as the programs for print & graphic design in the adobe family. yay! i have toys to play with for the summer!

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