Wednesday, June 21, 2006

please please please please let me be in disco inferno

with a 80% chance i'll be cast in the lead female role of disco inferno..... please, please.... let me do it!!!! and please please please be understanding and don't cast me in some minnow chorus of next semester's shows!

woke up with a scratchy throat this morning... but luckily i was able to sing the auditions songs surprisingly well- and that's what saved me from being outed after the dance section. i wasn't as goodas i could be, but no excuses, i'm just not practiced as a dancer... so the singing began, and my throat held up okay, and then i was one of the three from six chosen to be seriously considered for the role of jane.. i love singing!!! i wanted a guy to play off when i was doing my version of "i will survive", and a guy responded, it was fun :) but the 20% lies in 1. my height 2. my age 3. my dancing.... the other girl who i thought was also in the running for the role was younger, cuter, and was a better dancer, although she didn't quite have the singing technique to present the song.

tomorrow, i'm going to ask the teachers whether i can do this... ... fingers crossed...

and from a thing i saw tonight-- "never look back, that way you'll fall down the stairs"- Rudolf Nureyev, ballet great. RIP, dude.

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