Sunday, June 04, 2006

HKCA Women's League Bowler of the Year

Is me. moi. Margaret Cheung Kwok Wing.
How i earned the trophy with 11 wickets for the season i don't know, but it's nice to cap off selection in the hk women's squad with a trophy as well :) funny also that the bowler of the year has no control over every ball she bowls. maybe that's why she's the bowler of the year, because not even the batsmen can predict how the ball's going to come out!
but unfortunately i wasn't there to collect the award... i'm never there when there's an award to collect, unless when notified beforehand like at presentation nights... perhaps that's what will happen if i win a Tony or something... i'll be in the toilet doing a poo when my name gets called out and someone has to brave the horrid smell to tell me about it.
thank you, Western Suburbs District Cricket Club--- Farmer, Megan and you lot in second grade womens, for teaching me how to play cricket, and how to be a cricketer... if i had to dedicate this award to someone, after my parents, i'd dedicate it to you girls back there. thanks for the good times!

Marge Cheung- season 2005-2006
From 28 Overs
11 wickets
Average: 9.18
Economy rate: 3.61
1 5 Wicket Haul---> 10-0-44-5

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