Saturday, June 17, 2006

time to think...

i really enjoyed today--- my first true day of holidays, i had the time to think about the next three or four months. through the exam and audition process i really had no time to worry about anything other than our work at the APA.... and i made at least 6 or 7 phone calls to catch the final business day to organise myself... i found out that we are touring pakistan in mid-august, mid-bloody-summer on the sub-continent; that we'll be performing at a shopping mall and a studio venue after the musical theatre workshop i enrolled in; helped a few classmates to enrol in the MT program, and that luckily found that the performance dates for disco inferno falls right in the middle of our semester 1 production week (phew... that was a big, big discovery!). i ripped music and planned for a school teaching job i've taken through mum's contacts.... and fixed up my room a little... i still don't quite feel like i'm on holidays, because as a person in my industry, even as an actress-in-training, we're never on holidays... we're ever on the lookout for opportunities to work in the industry. it's a busy life, that's for sure, but i'd rather it be a busy life than a dull life.... cos that's what i asked for when i left australia.

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Bent Yellow Boy said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And a trip to Pakistan, that's so exciting!

Expect to receive your 100% organic Canadian maple syrup soon. Unless those damn drama students eat it all. ;-) I gave it to the white guy (I don't know what his involvement was, but he said he knew you.)