Sunday, June 04, 2006

a day out with disney

went to the disney vocalist auditions today... didn't expect much but gave my all with my suicidal song--- memory from cats. did okay with the high notes considering i pretty much fucked up all the low notes ("burnt out ends of smoky days"...). thinking back, it's a pretty amazing 16 bars of singing--- encompassing two octaves! going from the low e flat below middle c to a few notes at the high e flat above. after our 16 bars, you either hear "please stay" or the most dreaded words performers hate to hear at auditions --> "thank you". i heard the former, fortunately, and waited with the other three acquaintances from the APA. we were getting quite cosy in there, because it turned out we four, and one other girl, were the only ones left from the 50 or so who turned out for our session. we had another chat, then went back in to learn a disney song (when you wish upon a star)... then we said goodbye to another aspirant... afters, we learnt the rudimentary dance routine (step touch... step touch... passe... step ball change... chasse... outwards turn.... ball change... etc) and finally had to say this really cliche disney spiel into a dv cam, with AS MUCH NRG AS WE CAN MUSTER AT 5 IN THE AFTERNOON!!!!! ENERGY!!!! YOU'RE IN DISNEY!!!! i'm glad to have taken the extra dance lessons because it really trains you to pick up steps faster at auditions.

i don't think i have a chance in a million years to be cast... compared to the voices in the phillipines, i don't think i have the voice to compete with. but pending all the bureaucratic stuff like visas and passports and stuff, it would probably be easier for disney to cast locals immediately who can probably sing just as well. it would be a dream job for me at this moment of my life to grab a role in the lion king... fingers crossed and we'll see what happens :)


Bent Yellow Boy said...

It's still an accomplishment getting through audition -- yikes! Sounds like an ordeal. Congratulations, Marge! Plus it's super-impressive that you can belt "Memory" from CATS!

leenie said...

omg! i love disney!