Saturday, June 10, 2006

di nu hua.... english style-- from a fellow blogger

Falling flowers cover a thousand miles and ten thousand places
Like the hundred flowers, with weeping eyes thanking the people
The crimson blood of the country is not yet dried, but a lavish banquet aids a good funeral
The blood of a painful heart leads a thousand depths
Remembering the dreams of the last emperor were full of sorrow
The country is fallen, the family is dead, watching the water flowing faraway
Lives lost and curses of death litter the gateways and the poor alleyways
Sai Hin will forever be buried with Cheung Ping, turning the troubles of the country into hope
Only wishing that the great times will be better than the heavens
Beautiful images buried with no regrets forever that the excess love lingers
The light in the tears drowns the light of the moon in the cup
Two hearts know that their end is in the grapes and wine
The emperor's daughter is prepared to die together, borrowing a new grave as the wedding night room
Yet they look and yet they watch each other
The wind has taken them across the three rivers, bringing a hundred experiences and a thousand meetings
Tragedies striking for half of the lifetime, this pair of birds of a feather
The patterned candles reflect their boundless love
Thanking their country, Thanking the last emperor,
Giving their lives to repay the grace of a troubled time for the excess love that lingers

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