Thursday, October 19, 2006


school is like a year long week.
it sure feels like that at the moment. it started last sunday morning at 8:25pm, and it will come to an end at 12:00pm on saturday morning after EDC.
can't wait for the upcoming long weekend..... mmmm..... sleep-ins........

happy b'day, sylvia! :)

started reading "change activist" again. it's a great book that i got ages ago back in australia. i've been asking myself the questions that the author asked me to think about e.g. Are there any moments when you are happy at work? (yes.) When and where are you happiest? (singing.... or with people... or with my kiddies and my colleagues at school......) so.... teaching could well be my thing. the one thing i want to do that i've been trying so hard to find. but it's still tiring... but isn't any job tiring? life is full of these conflicts.

28/10... here i come!!!!

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