Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No need to bring lunch on Friday.

What did I get myself into?

Some kids from the SU asked Q, Iv & I to join the fruit eating competition as the teachers' contingent. Having lost around 10 million brain cells because of a complete lack of sleep last night, I agreed (on the condition that I can stay off the watermelon), and so did the others in my staffroom. Not wanting to keep the fun all to ourselves, I attempted to persuade almost everyone I knew from the big staffroom to get stuck into it--- K, L & E. E got off easily because of her current state of health (flu), but K & L were not so lucky. They too were roped into doing this mad, crazy thing this Friday lunch, but not without protest and much coaxing! I guess it's a lucky coincidence that I booked my 1CDE group into the computer lab after lunch on friday... I can sit right down at the teacher's desk and feel nauseous for two whole periods in peace .

Ms C


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Simmy said...

Don't gulp the fruits too fast, as this is bad for health. You will feel sick afterwards.