Saturday, October 07, 2006

not so much fruit to eat, after all

there were just two bananas, an apple, a nashi pear, and no-so-enormous amounts of watermelon to eat. and i had to chow down half a slice of watermelon although i am half allergic to it... all in the spirit of the competition! we came fourth.

afterwards came the most enormous seafood meal that i've eaten ever since i got told to stop eating seafood. we went to lei yue mun, a former fishing village, for a reunion meal with friends we haven't seen in a while.

throwing my anti-acne diet out the window:
s: so what aren't you allowed to eat?
m: everything we've eaten tonight.

it was a lovely night where we went all nostalgic about our past lives in austraila... yes, we had some good times there. on a trip to the snowy mountains near sydney, their car rolled down the side of the road during a snow storm. they were following us and when we looked backwards, they weren't there!! we were really worried but because it was such a horrible storm we had to keep driving. we felt extremely guilty when we went back to the motel and were all ready to ring for the police and the firies... but they showed up a half hour later. they were rescued from their ordeal by a strong bloke who saw skid marks on the road. thank goodness!

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