Saturday, January 21, 2006

all because of hamlet--------- II

Thank you, Uma. Thank you, Gordon.

Marge with a most inspirational teacher.
and yes, she most definitely went red.

I just got home. So far this week, I faked death a couple of times; I rolled around, tumbled over hundreds of times for dramatic effect; I did handstands, somersaults; I feel a purple lump growing on my lower back from being way too brave in the stunts workshop; I sat through a three hour shakespearean tragedy. I've had my fourth glass of this disgusting fluid disguising itself as acne treatment in two days. Yet I am in euphoria. Surely this is what drunkedness feels like.

Let me explain.

These few weeks has been a bit of a weird time for me. Those who visit my blog regularly will know. Those who don't, read back a few entries.

This monday was the beginning of a big week. Workshops, then a whole lineup of shows and other workshops to reinitiate my appetite for learning drama @ the APA.

Today, I got it back. I felt that I belonged. I didn't want to make an excuse for not being able to do something better. I did it and didn't care how stupid I looked. I screamed the word "hiya" a lot, at the top of my lungs. At the workshop today, I threw myself around and on the ground, without reserve. It sounds kind of masochistic to say this: it hurt, but it felt damn good.

Thank you, Uma. Thank you, Lucy. Thank you, Quentin Tarantino, for giving me Kill Bill 1 & 2 at such a crucial time. HIIIIIIIYA!

For those who are uninitiated: Kill Bill trailer
For those who want to see a little of what we did this week at stunts: Right Productions

Yesterday night, I was inspired by Dawn Hope, Lady Day. What a magnificient voice. It was amazing to see how a stage experience can be this brilliant when a voice is only accompanied by a piano. And her simple storytelling was so touching. No dancers. No bright flashing lights. No spectacular set. No crap to distract the audience from the fact that the person with the title "singer" on stage can't actually sing to save his/her life. Just cabaret. Yesterday was a goal to strive towards.

Tonight was different. It was a little closer to home. it's hard to describe the feeling post show. there was this electricity. it was magical. but it was not a pipe dream. there was one moment tonight that brought me right back. it was a completely obiter dicta comment from wai wai: as i gave him a "fangirl hug" for his good acting, he uttered a "work hard!"-ish comment. i couldn't even remember what exactly it was that he said, but the moment was so dramatic, as if someone had written those exact lines for him to say at that exact moment. as if someone knew i needed inspiration to go onwards with my APA life. It was better than a glass of good red wine.

thank you.

so, a little more on Angus, the guy who played Hamlet--- using a song from the Kill Bill I soundtrack:

You shot me down, bang bang
- Nancy Sinatra

Mark my words, this guy Angus has more charisma than Queen Elizabeth II has money.

Speaking of people with charisma, a year and a bit ago- August 4, 2004- I went to see Hedda Gabler with Matt & Michelle. Seeing Cate Blanchett do what she did on stage, I was so inspired to learn the craft of acting from someone. Anyone. I lost that feeling somewhere between ASM duties and clowning around during the x-mas break. IT's back, and it sure does feel good.

Bring on the 2nd semester. What'cha'got'in'yer'bag?

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