Sunday, January 15, 2006

piccies for the new year

Causeway Bay... last hours of 2005....
so much has happened... so much to ponder over...

We posed for a piccie after 真珍's show.
我們APA bb 班真的要努力地support each other!

之後took an off the cuff calvin klein perfume ad shot for 阿Don&阿'temis

Mr. Dracula and Moo?
No, it's a very 型的 APA MT/Drama grad, 一個真正的哥哥!
哥哥面紅了... don't know why, but my face always turns bright red in the prescence of 1. men 2. really successfully accomplished people 3. teachers... who knows?


Bent Yellow Boy said...

Hi Marge!

Thanks for checking out my blog! How are you? We haven't chatted in
months; it's my fault entirely, I'm just bad at keeping in touch.

I'm visiting Hong Kong and Asia in April -- I would love to meet up with
you. How is Eric doing? For some reason, I stopped getting his mass

Hope to hear from you soon,


taktak said...

i am also a teacher before ..

Marge said...

tak tak, you're not a man!!!!