Thursday, January 19, 2006

and yeah, the splits

we are having these martial arts workshops run by a fight choreographer from the Hong Kong Stuntman Association named Cheung Chi Chuen during winter term. in essence, we are learning how to hit and to be hit. and it hurts. it bloody well hurts. the how to hit part takes all your strength and energy and the to be hit part just hurts your neck. it's great fun though. the boys pretended they were bruce lee and we girls pretended to be zhang ziyi from crouching tiger. yes, complete with the "hiya" noises! today we did a whole series of kicks and punches and i tell you, i'm going to be completely sore tomorrow.

and yeah, i almost did the splits today under master Cheung's supervision! horrah!! it hurts though! he was like, sitting on our back leg to make it get straighter. the boys, who are obviously less flexible than we are, were making all sorts of noises (some of them quite suss). we have to do the splits in our final exams for acrobatics so signs are good. lots of hard work ahead for moo.


taktak said...

30 mins homework for stretching !!
not for today, but everyday

taktak said...

add oil together !!!!!!