Wednesday, January 18, 2006

sound of music

Moo belting it out, outside at the APA ampitheatre.

it's a truth universally acknowledged that:

a moo with music is a happier moo.

yes. we had jazz band rehearsals tonight. i was very rusty, hell, even my prettily purple vicfirth brushes were literally rusting away, but the rhythmic sense was still there, and so was my deep appreciation for all things jazz. playing the drums after a year long sojourn of playing nothing but... nothing... has made me realise the high place i place music in my life. it's undeniable. not to sound big headed, but when people come and ask me for advice on their singing, what i suggest is usually right on the money--- ie. the teacher ends up suggesting it as well in the final evaluation class. loving singing lessons and looking at the clock constantly because i don't want the class to end, but looking at the clock contantly in acting class because i am too scared to go out and do the improvs.

what the hell am i doing in drama school?

i found myself saying that i wanted to act when i had an opportunity to sing professionally, so why am i convincing myself that i want to go back to singing now that i got myself into drama school?


had a few quality d&m's with some classmates these two weeks (thanks mung, tak*2, artemis, sam, annie, and all those gals on that bloody tuesday arvo who listened to me whinge for such a long time)... figured out my problem: there's no truth in my acting. people see that there is no truth in my acting. my acting reflects my personality. a big part of my outward personailty is disguising my social reclusiveness by being hyperactive in social situations. being told that my "serious" side is more watchable. knowing that my "serious" side is more watchable.

there were moments where i felt truth and those moments are slipping away from my memory... wait, let me list them: 1. where exercise--- HKCC 2. dancing with apple 3. the last line of "qun sau"... the rest? complete and utter: shit. a whole semester's acting classes: shit.

oh shit.

sorry for being so self indulgent...
i promise, my next post will be about an earth shattering social issue.

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