Sunday, January 29, 2006

An APA New Year

a night moo danced so hard her heels came off.
it was such a fun night. also good to see everything come together after such hard work. we had such support from our upper-form classmates who came to the party- in true drama school fashion went wild when the food came out, they also went beserk clapping and screaming their heads off during our performances (yay!). the teachers in the audience even came up to the stage for a little talent show. after the night a couple of us went out to the victoria harbour for a little celebration. good stuff. the first semester has ended on a high note.
also- thank you, kill bill 1, for giving me the evening's soundtrack!
originally i burned the faster tracks on the KBST and some franz ferdinand tracks because i couldn't face having three cds with 8 minutes worth of music... there was a reason behind burning loads of tracks after our 8 minute singing medley afterall! we used "battle without honor or humanity" as our MCs' introduction music and the rest as background music during our games section.


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