Sunday, February 26, 2006

being like griet & mr darcy

Gosh, it's difficult being cool, repressed and smouldering all rehearsal, 'cos that's my character in a nutshell. she doesn't speak a word throughout the 10 minute long scene, but she is sensitive as a blind woman... she'd use all other senses to figure out a person before she'd use sight... but bloody hell it's tiring acting "small"... it feels as if i've been doing nothing all rehearsal but it took a lot of energy to do that "nothing"... what was that "nothing"? i can't really describe the sensation. i have to remember to be clearer in my "nothing" because it is marlene's method of communication to the cast & the audience. it was a good afternoon because i finally get to apply what i'm learning to a practical situation.

it may be an act of fate, but thank you for giving me the chance to do this.

I have to take a leaf out of scarlett johansson's book of acting... i'm going to look at girl with a pearl earring again and see how she does it- in that movie, her character doesn't have many lines but her face speak a thousand words. i'd probably watch how mr. darcy does it- he too is a smouldering character.

and oh, i am evacuating from my computer rather soon so there might not be much on here in the next week or so... not that anyone actually reads what i type here... well, goodnight, blog...

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