Tuesday, February 14, 2006

valentines day.

i can proudly say that i was kissed by two men (technically, one boy and one man) today.

in acting class...

---- it's because i made two mistakes (NOT intentionally, of course!) in our warmup game and we are asked "kiss or hit". because it's valentines day the girls made a pact to only ask for kisses and only from the boys in the class. but yeah, i made two mistakes and got two kisses! thank you siu tung and suk yi for saying yes :p

and yeah, happy valentines day to all singletons... coupled people don't deserve such a greeting because they already have a boy/girlfriend to do it.


the girls departed from hong kong... they were sad times cause we had an amazing few days together! thank you for the memories :)
the piccies: 1- night one at the airport; 2-day 2 at disney; 3- day 3 at temple street; 4- day 5 on the MTR

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