Friday, February 17, 2006

drama is a fine craft and should be respected by all.

acting is hard! i've learned more this week than i have the whole of last semester. i'm incredibly touched by how generous the girls were today at rehearsal. dealing with an inarticulate australian-chinese who's trying to explain something difficult requires concentration... thank you joyce, hitomi and nam... it was a great learning experience today figuring out my character, who doesn't speak a word throughout the whole scene. it could have been so easy for joyce to ignore the Ch-'s existence, but i sense she wanted to make her 3D and i also want to give a performance with depth so it was in a sense a good thing to do a 2 hour long character analysis with the cast & director.
went to do a film casting yesterday and learned heaps also, for other reasons.
thank (whoever is doing this) for all the incredible opportunities i've experienced this week... gosh, and the week's not nearly finished...

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