Saturday, February 18, 2006

sick again

(is posting this legal? from )
for any classmates / anyone who gives a shit who wants to know what cricket is --> here's me in the middle of my delivery action at a cricket festival held here last november.

but why won't the sniffles go away?? it must be training yesterday night (and helping translate a simple proposition for sinead into a motown song: "would you like a hot samosa, yeah--!!!") and that bloody wind up the hills... argh.... **sniff sniff, sneeze** so i'm up at 10 in the morning to tell the umpires' association people that i can't umpire tomorrow morning... at this moment i cannot afford to be any sicker than i am at the moment, because i know on monday morning i will have to deal with everyone else's germs too.

while we're talking about school- here's an article from the ABC about cate blanchett, hedda gabler and the state of theatre companies in australia... the blog is an interesting read.

time for more rest.... lots to do this weekend...

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