Thursday, February 23, 2006

a week of many happenings

jazz band... had no idea what was going on... have to do serious homework on the tunes we're preparing b/c open day is only a few weeks away... which also reminds me that i have to cancel yet another cricket umpiring date b/c of the APA open day...

joyce's engagement straight after jazz band @ 9.15... for some absurd reason i did not think of having dinner during our two hours at pacific coffee wanchai... stomach was making weird noises... i walked straight into an improv as i was late going into the rehearsal... sat down with my bottle of water and watched the improv happen... it was similar to the dancing game we worked with in suk yi's class in the morning... but the improv was clearly 10 million times more intense... of course, it was two degree students doing the improv, but it told me something right away- marg: if you're not willing to just go for it, you don't belong to this profession. so i threw caution to the wind and threw myself into my character for the next improv... i don't know how it turned out but at least joyce didn't yell, told me to piss off, or slice my head off (phew!) but at least i gave it my all... i got more relaxed in the second improv and had more of an idea of what my character would do in certain situations... for the sake of my dramatic ambitions i'll GO THERE!!!! yeah!!!

Mung's b'day... as usual i pressed the snooze one too many times and was all rush rush rush... the plan was to buy mung as many small cakes as possible so she's presented at lunch time with a mountain of cakes for her 24th... therefore was almost late for our 9am out-of-doors yoga session... rehearsing until 11pm brought back memories of our ASM experience... our out-of-doors experience reinforced my view that hong kong is surely one of the stinkiest cities in the world... bloody hell, if shu wing told us to take one more deep breath i'd collapse... seriously, my socks at the end of a long day smells better than the hong kong air... but our out-of-doors experience was a cleansing one... it was cool doing the sun salutation with the sun beaming down on us.

Then.... we found out our report cards were available for collection from the office... i am happy with my marks. i could of course improve but i could see why i got those marks... it's a bench mark, and a stepping stone! my 2nd semester resolution is to be fearless and brave... let's see if my "potential" can be unlocked...


after school we went out to ramen noodles to celebrate mung's b'day... such a good girl... and afterwards to drinks at a bar called zodiac in CWB... a cool place with karaoke...

time for bed... zzzzzzz.... it's going to be an amazing month.

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