Thursday, August 10, 2006

junk food is good good!!

yum.... i like chips, but cannot eat as much as i would do because i worry about my health and the size of my arse, so i'm always on the lookout for slightly healthier chips. i'm trying out some calbee vegetable crisps at the moment and they don't feel as oily as "normal" chips.

the i found this amazing website that reviews and documents thousands of snacks from around the world! it's proving to be great holiday entertainment... or procrastination, cos i should really start to read up for my new job!

otherwise, third day into life as a 22 year old was spent in kowloon, back at training for the hk team. was a bit rusty at the beginning cos i haven't bowled for about two weeks but got better as the session went on. then we did this fielding drill where the coach threw tennis balls from a whole bag of 'em up, and up, and up in different directions for us to catch. my lovely thighs suffered a thorough workout as a result, but it felt good, in a weirdly masochistic way....

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