Thursday, August 03, 2006

POTC--- Dead Man's Chest

"As with the "Matrix" pictures, however, public anticipation is such that nothing can stop "Dead Man's Chest" from filling up with B.O. gold; pic is like a slot machine that gobbles up the public's money while giving little back, and, somehow, people don't mind."
These are the odd films that succeed by stirring neither the emotions nor the mind."

- Todd MacCarthy, Variety.
i agree completely, Todd... and i was one of those suckers who caught the first screening today in hong kong. the film was fun up until the 90 min mark. and while summer blockbusters usually end, at around 2hrs, dead man's chest dragged on and on... fight after fight...

there were a few specific things i was disappointed with. i was looking forward to see how well keira knightley uses her opportunity to do proper choreographed swordfights, but her sequences were not well planned or shot. (reaction: "that was it?") even the much anticipated "white sands" fight involving johnny depp, orlando bloom and jack davenport (this man looks much better dirty!) felt rushed, was visually messy, and to be honest, a little disappointing. (reaction: see reaction to prior expectation) the fight sequences failed to showcase the fight itself, and only served to highlight the incompetence of those at the helm. CGI sequences, e.g. slimy octopus thing which leaves icky stuff on humans that looks a bit like the mask i'm putting on my skin every night, left me focusing on wondering about the cost and not the splendour. why so many sea creatures? does it advance the plot? i wanted to see bill nighy snort!

there were some good moments though, the opening, for example, set the tone for the rest. but the best moment for me was the "bone cage" sequence. kudos to hans zimmer for doing what he did then with the music. "oom pah pah" music was completely out of left field (trying not to give too many spoilers here) but it worked to give the scene a comic effect! meanwhile, depp is still amusing as cap'n jack and knightley proves that she can be much more than the part of the damsel in distress bestowed upon her in the first installment.

i'll still gladly hand over my money to disney for a ticket to the third installment, let's hope the next one doesn't get any worse.

through jane and aaron, visitors from down under, i got myself an orlando bloom POTC promotion sticker.... from a Helsinki chip packet! i was very excited.... much like an 11 year old in love with a matinee idol :)

Spoof time---- Barbie POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl

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