Thursday, August 10, 2006

three days of sultry weather and three typhoons

CUHK is quite a lovely place which has a lovely coffee shop that serves the cheapest ($12) and best latte that i've so far tasted in hong kong. the same costs ten dollars + more at the more established chains here and is frankly not worth it.

the last three days has been quite an eye opener for a teacher to be like me. i learnt much from our group discussions that were an absolute riot at times (go group 5!). those who went generally had a lot of heart and appear to teach because it'd make a difference to children's lives. i also forced myself to speak three times in front of the lecturn... in cantonese... as they say, practice makes perfect! the wonderful group 5 made spending 8 hours of my birthday in a cold lecture easier to bear. thank you, guys. we even played a party game :) i had fond memories of the feather exercise, where we had to keep a toy feather afloat with nothing but our hands and mouths...

thunder and lightning outside... i'd better turn my computer off.

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