Monday, August 28, 2006

oh... and apart from the departed...

there were also.....

  • aunt amy (who went to both shows!)
  • uncle cheung (who i'm sure got dragged along by aunt amy to see the show)
  • uncle no2
  • moe moe (auntie)
  • granddad (who thought my 19 year old mc partner was my boyfriend. no. i'm not ready to become mrs robinson... not quite yet...)
  • grandma
  • marylin (my grannies' domestic helper)
  • ms fung & florence
  • sum sum (auntie... so many aunties...), pam, priscilla, and the young one
  • ah yee, amy lee, artemis, chauman, kiki, mung... my dear ex-classmates!
  • anita & angela ( :p )
  • virgo (i know you came to see apple, but i'm claiming you as my audience anyway :) )
MUM & DAD!!!!!! thank you for being there, always :)

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