Saturday, August 26, 2006

She's now a fair lady in Mr Higgins' household!

Yo... being as energetic as a child on red cordial (i think) has landed me a bit part in MFL, as a woman in the Higgins' household. i wanted to be a maid all along! however, getting a bit part now means that i'll probably have to be at 20-30% more rehearsals than when i was just a chorus member so i'll have to time manage myself extremely well during the first term at SAGC.

oh, by the by, everything's going well so far at SAGC. we had a whole day of meetings today with our subject group and tomorrow i will meet my group of form 1 kiddies for the first time, up close and personal. geez, i hope to (some deity up there) that everything works out well, that they don't bloody well hate me from the get go... i'll even have to go to camp with them for three days in september, which also effectively rules out my participation in the pakistan tour.

so everything has been resolved... albeit in a weird and twisted way.

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