Friday, August 18, 2006

singing, dancing and teaching.

* first ever MT performance in one week! i'll post clips.
** first ever english department meeting next monday... bright eyed and bushy tailed, i must look.
*** been sitting inside a frigid lecture theatre four days of this week from 9-5 for this new teacher training course i'm doing... i've been falling asleep at regular intervals there, akin to my time in frigid lecture theatres back at QUT.


** i was surprised to see the amount of spit being expelled from my mouth while singing in our rehearsals. a few years ago mum and i went to see grease in brisbane. it was an amazing show, but what's even more amazing is the spitting that's done by the singers in "grease lightening" number. the actors were literally "singin' in the rain".
** pakistan is on and off... at the moment, it's off because mum's rather paranoid about the terrorism situation there (of which there's none at the moment). so i've been told by my coach to do some more convincing and by my mum to "piss off" when i attempt to do said convincing.

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