Monday, March 27, 2006

apa life...

i've seen a guy who i thought is the HKPO's concertmaster since my ASM days. i've always wanted to ask him whether he's the HKPO's concertmaster but didn't want to bother him when he's eating at our lovely canteen with his lovely kids. i saw him in the lift today on our way to voice. he was on his way to class. i had a little bit of courage. i asked him whether he is HKPO's concertmaster. he answered affirmatively. lovely. thank you. on my way out from school, he was again in the lift. "i see you when i get here and i see you when i leave!" says he. "hahaha..." says me.

now that i've thought about it, what the bloody hell does it matter if he's or if he's not HKPO's concertmaster? ah well, it doesn't matter really... i just wanted to ask :)

thank you piscesmung for listening to my brat-ish whinging. i really do appreciate your patience.

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