Wednesday, March 15, 2006

questions asked, answers given

i now know why. thank you everyone.

acting is a truly special art. one feels so completely naked and exposed on stage---- you're supposed to understand and know exactly why you appear at a certain moment, but you're supposed to renact that moment as if it were completely spontaneous. i fucked up because i wasn't quite sure what i was supposed to do, even if i thought i was doing what the director asked me to do... i have learnt much.... the experience was surreal. i even felt a bit faint right after the performance and i couldn't get out of the character and her emotions hours after the 10 minute scene... but today helped... i'll work hard for the next stage experience! it was good to have the 12-13 odd dip1 classmates to share the experience with as they were with 'grease'. they didn't have the happiest rehearsal period but they enjoyed their moment on stage, which is the whole point of performance anyway, isn't it?

踩台板... what a first time... marlene, karin and petra, y'all will be in my heart forever, yo.

time for regular proceedings... i'm going to be a busy bee for open day- dancing with chun chun's group... man! chun chun! how can you be so completely cool and not know it? rehearsed with the apa jazz band tonight... brought me back to the fun times back at QWAB and Sinfonia, chatting and messing around with the other musos... dearly hope i won't fuck up the latin beats & 2xsolos on sunday... or randomly lose a stick... i think i'm due for some practice before the big day. discovered what it means to play in a rhythm section today... in stage band i felt so alone and entirely disconnected from guitar/piano/bassists but it was really fun exchanging rhythms with the guitarists... testament to true ensemble work they really listen to what the musos play... good to learn from these musos.

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