Wednesday, March 22, 2006

things you find out on the net

how time flies! this is a film by my old primary school classmate- ana djordjevic... she's the last person i'd expect to work in film cos she's the quiet, bookish type... very introverted... but watch the film.. it's the type of film that i'd envision her to make. it's funny!

yes, and i feel better today. took it easy. didn't have a good night's sleep at all. i think sometimes you just gotta take your foot off the pedal a little to let your body catch up to everything. in response to yesterday's floppiness i'm working out a little scene from agnes of god with althea in english. we read through the scene in english a few times today and it felt immediately better. sometimes i'm wondering whether i'm taking this up in the wrong country. time will tell, heh.

bring on thursday!

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