Friday, March 31, 2006


oh dear. it's april already... this time last year i was putting in my APA forms... today we are gearing up for our final presentations. it's going to be a dreadful day--- movement, dance, acrobatics all examined (those three hopefully not in the same AM/PM session)... scenework AND acting on the same day... i can do it! we can do it!!

okay. time for a mental check.

* it's a month & a bit before the final exam
* there's shit loads to learn and do... stretching... dancing... focusing...
* doing good on acting so far, but can't get complacent--- must remember what happens when i'm in "the zone"
* shouldn't lose confidence or self-esteem either
* keep improving in stage movement
* enjoy the company of family & friends
* balance work & play
* enjoy dance lessons!!!!!!
* make the most of dip 1.

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