Wednesday, March 22, 2006


--> 嬲. will not piss off mr wong this friday... i will not flop because of laziness... will practice the three exercises incessantly... until my parents get annoyed... (lee lei le lur la lor low loo luu lee.... lee lei le lur la lor low loo luu lee...)

--> heard something from mr. tree that i wanted

a few I WILLs

--> i will look after myself and not get sick... ever again... THAT MEANS SLEEPING BEFORE 12 IF NOT WORKING ON HOMEWORK.

--> i will improve my cantonese or else set my sights on getting into a drama degree course back in australia in 2007

--> i will NOT be socially retarded

--> i will be sensitive to the people around me

--> i will recognise that there are other people in the world

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