Friday, March 24, 2006

friday dance madness!!

off jazz dance centre, france

if i'm ever going to france, i'm going to nice to visit this dance centre... okay, not that i can dance with a quarter of ability of people who study there, but it sure looks like a cool place to be.

the front page proclaims: talent is work!
in the words of mr. suk yi: i buy.

so i'm going to work hard in my april-june dance lessons and make myself as well rounded an drama student as i can... before that i have to work even harder to earn myself the tag "actress"... gosh, who would have thought it'd be that hard? i don't even dare call myself an actress yet...

yet another friday, yet another week. yesterday our class got spoken to by senior faculty... actually, spoken to is an understatement, we got a verbal whip-ass to get ourselves back into order. lots of classmates have been missing particular classes lately (e.g. singing, dancing, acrobatics-- the classes that "don't matter") and the teachers don't like that. fridays keep me going, but for some, fridays is a "flop" day... a constant reminder that they have no ear for music and the presence of their two left feet... personally, i don't have a least favourite day, except mr.tang's classes on wednesday and thursday are a little tough on the physical and mental side (ref: bruises and scrapes from last thursday that are still healing)...

mr. lam said yesterday that it takes the four d's to survive in this place: "devotion, discipline, dilligence & determination."

add oil, my friends!

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